How to Get Whiter Teeth Using The Plaque Buster

white teeth.jpg

The Plaque Buster has a fine point that you gently wedge between each tooth to help nudge out any stubborn debris, leaving your teeth clean and free of discoloring build-up.  

Even after flossing and brushing, many people can still feel—and sometimes see—leftover food particles on their teeth, especially those who have braces, crown and bridgework, dental implants or fixed retainers. 

Over time, this constant food contact leads to tooth discoloration and decay.  The Plaque Buster can help your teeth stay bright and white, especially in the areas that are harder to floss and brush. As the tip of your Plaque Buster will dull over time, make sure to replace it (along with your toothbrush) every few weeks.