Fight Bad Breath With The Plaque Buster

How Does The Plaque Buster Get Rid of Bad Breath? 

The Plaque Buster helps to get rid of bad breath by collecting bad-smelling and harm bacterial plaque and food debris often missed right at the gumline and in between the teeth.  The Plaque Buster also helps get rid of bad breath by stimulating the fluid that is under the gums and between the teeth (to help wash away nasty plaque bacteria), and also massages and firms the gums at the same time.

People are shocked after brushing and flossing using this and seeing the plaque that still remains and gets picked up by The Plaque Buster (It's like a white glove test for dusting - but for your mouth) This is a great tool for those suffering with bad breath!

The Plaque Buster is a travel-sized interdental softpick, that makes caring for your teeth and gums easier and even fun! It comes in lots of colors too, which is fantastic! You can easily take it with you to use during the day - it has a nice short handle which helps with dexterity and being able to feel what you are doing as you massage your gums.