Dental Professionals LOVE Plaque Buster

Dear Penny,

I want to give you a quick update on the response to the Plaque Buster from the

California Society of Pediatric Dentists meeting. As in the past trade shows I’ve shown

the Plaque Buster, the response was unanimously positive. The comments from the

dental professionals are that they love the look and feel of the instrument, the colors are

fun and it is not clinical looking like its main competitor (Butler’s metal handle


Personally, I keep one at my desk, in my car, and by my chair at home where I use it

most while watching television in the evening. I am 100% hooked on the product and

how good it feels stimulating my gums.

My next dental show is the California Dental Association in Anaheim, one of my

biggest shows of the year. I am looking forward to doing extremely well with the

Plaque Buster at this show. I will stay in touch and let you know, I’m sure you will be

receiving another purchase order from me very soon.

Best Regards,


E-Z Floss

Penelope NowlingComment