Plaque Buster is AMAZING

Throughout the years, I would always get nervous before my semi-annual dental

cleaning because I feared I would have to get the deep cleaning due to tartar and

plaque build-up. I changed toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses, and mouthwashes

to prevent me from experiencing that cringe-worthy mechanical tool that the

hygienist would have to use to remove the plaque/tartar build-up.

After a couple of uses of "The Plaque Buster", I am amazed how much plaque has

been removed during my daily cleanings. I was impressed so much by the product

that I wanted to partner with you to expand distribution in the United States as an

independent consultant.

I hope many more people can experience the amazing results from this product. I

am happy to both a customer and a strategic partner of this brand.



Penelope NowlingComment